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Grow Your Own Organic Food @ Home

Become an urban farmer with Roof Top Farming Systems

Free Consultation over the phone & quotation will be customized as per your need.

Organic Farming on rooftops enables you to consume Fresh Organic Vegetables every day. It helps in developing a NATURAL GREEN

COVER on the rooftop and make your house cooler by 6-7 degrees. On the rooftop, many seasonal vegetables can be grown organically.

Some of them are spinach, methi, coriander, spring onion, cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, cherry tomato, broccoli, lettuce, leek, celery, parsley, zucchini, radish, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, turnip, mustard, brinjal, chilly etc.

  • Organic Soilless Medium - Highly porous, extremely lightweight, rich with microbial cultures and minerals
  • Leak Proof Containers - UV-protected, 7-layer, completely leakproof, no heat-sealed joints.
  • Automatic Drip System - Triggered by a digital timer, based on an annual water management chart.
  • Sub-Surface Drainage - Ensures 100% drainage of extra water, eliminates waterlogging, saves plants from damage due to over-watering.
  • Online Support System - Using instructional videos, charts and diagrams, online troubleshooting and rectifications.
  • Organic Input Kit - Organic foliar sprays and root applications, for pest/disease/nutrient management of veg plants.
  • Onsite Support System
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Hydroponic - Food Wall & AIR PURIFIER GREEN WALL

Free Consultation over the phone & quotation will be customized as per your need.

  • Food wall is a small hydroponic system, easy-to-use system can be hung on walls, fences, or buildings bearing abundant harvests for many varieties of leafy greens and herbs.
  • By recirculating water and nutrients and mounting to nearly any vertical surface, the system brings to life the walls of any home, business, or school while providing a delicious sustainable organic food product.
    • Several studies reveal, modern sealed buildings are 10 – 15 times more polluted than the outdoors, also emit life threatening gases, a long exposure leads to catastrophic diseases.
    • Green wall is the best way to neutralize indoor air pollution, wisely chosen air purifier plants create exotic paradise inside the house.
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