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About us

The Farm People (formerly known us Make My Garden) is the idea incepted through the awareness, necessity & opportunity. The awareness of eating healthy thus leading to living healthy, the necessity of connecting to the Mother Nature again& an opportunity to lead us to the path we all seek.

Started in 2018 The Farm People’s roots are from the consistent and honest efforts to bring such awareness to the mainland farming for which our journey started in 2008 with our parent company Geolife Agritech India Pvt Ltd. We always thrived to give the best & 100% natural solutions to the Indian and global farmers to produce the residue free & organic food. Our base is hard worked, rigorously tested & always evolving.

Like Geolife, The Farm People is born with the same motivation but to serve & aware the Urban population who have the opportunity to grow their own organic & residue free food right from their windows till their balconies & terraces. For years these places have stayed idle serving no solid purpose in our lives and The Farm People is right here to aware the urban population the immense opportunity to grow their own food for the healthy lives from the every inch of space available with them.

The Farm People has the strong base to test it’s products and services before offering them to the urban population. It’s main location is based in the hearts of Bhayender where we have one of the biggest nurseries spanning over 1 acre of land which occupies more than 2000 different species of the plants which can be our daily partners for the happy & healthy life.

The Farm People holds it’s place in thousands of our happy urban gardeners who have come forward to grow their own food in their homes. With the happy vibe spreading through our hands joined with them we march proudly towards the happy & healthy future for all of us.

A Glorious Journey

About Leadership Team:

Mr. Suniel Shetty (Actor, Businessman, A happy farmer)

Mr. Suniel Shetty, lovingly known and addressed as Anna by everyone is the actor, we know but very few know of it that Anna is also one of those people who were aware in the very beginning and started working towards it very early. Anna has been doing it for years now in his home as well his farmhouse & that’s why we still fall in love with his fit & healthy appearance around us. Anna met us in 2018 & was very impressed with our work in the agriculture sector. He motivated us to carve our way to the Urban Gardening from our passionately worked vertical of mainland farming. He has been a great support for us to innovate & offer the great solutions to our Urban Gardeners. Our technical knowledge met with his years of practical experience in the Urban Gardening made us what we are today!

Mr. Vinod Kumar Lahoti (Businessman, A happy life advisor, A happy farmer)

Mr. Vinod Kumar Lahoti is one of those people in the city who can see through the future & identifies the areas to support before many of us. How, you may ask? Through his years of hard work & passion towards offering the best solutions to whoever comes to him and he can go to. Started in his youth with the passion to provide organic & healthy solutions to produce the food he incepted the line of products for Indian & global farmer. He is not only offering them to the farmers but also implemented the same in his own life. He is one of those earlier people who set the terrace garden to produce organic & healthy food. He is a doer & a happiness spreader for throughout his life. Along with the farming & urban gardening solutions he has been changing lives of the people through his life lessons, advises & values by teaching them in person as well as on the YouTube. His own home is the temple where many potential urban gardeners come to take his guidance!

Mr. Mayur Tapadiya (Businessman, passionate industrialist, A happy Farmer)

Mr. Mayur Tapadiya is one of those few people who emerged brightly in the industry of agriculture with his sheer hard work & passion towards the cause which organic farming. Originally a Chartered Accountant he chose the life that leads to the social awareness & leadership over the balance sheets but not to forget he is the master of coin in The Farm People! Mayur has been the one who handles the production of our organic products which sounds interesting & is easy to use but quite complicated to identify & manufacture with the standard practice. With his immense knowledge in Research & Development, Mayur has been able to come up with the excellent solutions for the urban gardeners around us.

Mr. Prakash Narsana (Director, Operation)

Mr. Prakash Narsana is a very humble person with a passion to uplift the under privilege youth. He was an Ex Standing Committee Chairman TMC and Ex Vice President of the Education Board TMC. Being in this industry for past many years he has helped many youths by organizing training and supporting them with gardening courses here in TFP. Currently the president of Gujarati Samaj and the treasurer of Aagrisena and Kamgaar Ekta has allowed him to connect with masses. Prakash facilitates the operations here at TFP from strategic business goals, proposals on increasing efficiency to reduce operations cost and increase supply chain. He has leadership qualities and his great communication skills with staff, and vendors ensures proper operations of the organization.