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Seeds & Bulbs

Seeds & Bulbs

Seeds are an incredibly important part of human life, without which we would simply not exist. Our food supply totally depends on seeds and seed stock, many other natural resources that we use as human beings, such as cotton, paper, timber, and edible oils, all begin their life as seeds. Seeds are part of the ever-evolving constant of nature that is maintained by complex series of interrelationships between her different component parts, of which seeds play a central role.

In the natural world, there are many ways in which seeds connect with their targeted growing space, some seeds are so small that they can be carried in the wind before landing in a suitable place, Others can be dispersed by animals in their dung or attached to their fur, Seeds are also carried and dispersed in the sea and in rivers. Another method of seed dispersal is gravity, fruit trees such as apples, coconut, and passion fruit have fruits that when dropped from their branches often roll away from the tree to gain more distance when the fruit eventually seeds and germinates.

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