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Right Nutrition At Right Stage

➢ Nutrients are required to facilitate the proper growth and development of plants.
➢ Disease resistance seems to be the natural reward of healthy and well-nourished protoplasm.
➢ Balance nutrition in crop is essential for satisfactory growth as well as production of quality produce.
➢ Efficient application of the right nutrition at the right time is an important part of achieving profitable yields.
➢ For the perfect nourishment, a plant requires various nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals at particular growth stage.
➢ Nutrient supply needs to be targeted and adequately cover all stages of the life cycle.
➢ Geolife has developed Complete Nutrition Package by using innovative products which helps to maximize yield in all types of crops.
➢ Stage wise application of products of complete nutrition package improves morphological growth as well as yield contributing parameters of different crops.
➢ Complete Nutrition Package also played significant role in the post harvest parameters for production of quality produce.

➢ Recommendation and Doses:
Vegetative stage: Vigore (200g/Acre)+Tabsil (200g/Acre)+Nanofert 19:19:19 (200g/Acre)
Flowering stage: Nano Vigore (1g/Acre)+Balance Nano (50g/Acre)+Nanofert 00:52:34 (200g/Acre)
Fruiting stage: VFSE (10g/Acre)+Natural cab (50g/Acre)+Nanofert 00:00:50 (200g/Acre)

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