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Protect Plant From Virus

➢ Alike humans, plant do suffer from illness. Viral diseases are very destructive in all types of crops. Infection by viruses in plants causes physiological disorders responsible  for plant diseases of economic and agronomic significance in many crops.
➢ Viruses cause epidemics on all major cultures of agronomic importance, representing a serious threat to global food security.
➢ Viral diseases are extremely widespread infections caused in plants. There are many types of viruses that cause a wide variety of viral diseases. One of the most common vectors of viruses are insects.
➢ Insects feed on infected plants and transmit the viruses to healthy plants when they feed again. Other ways include plant propagation, contact by humans, and infected seed. Unfortunately, once infected, there are no chemical treatments for eliminating a virus.

➢ Some points are useful in management of plant viruses:

▪ Perform regular inspection for the presence of viral pathogens: a key point in viral disease management in fields, as infected plants need to be eradicated as fast as possible to minimize the virus spread.
▪ Monitor organism-vector populations: Plant viruses need to be transmitted by an organism-vector (insects) for their plant-to-plant spread. Hence, viral diseases can be efficiently controlled by limiting the populations of their vectors with the applications of appropriate pesticides.
▪ Minimize viral epidemics: Use of virus-free plant material, which applies to any development stage of a plant that can be carrier of viruses (seeds or fruit stones, grafts, rootstocks, seedlings, flowers), as well as manipulation of decontaminated horticultural tools.
▪ Use resistant cultivars to viruses: The use of genetically resistant plants is one of the most efficient, sustainable and frequently employed strategy to control virus infections in fields.

▪ Use of immunity build up products: A curative treatment for virus control in fields is less effective. That’s why, preventive measures are important for the viral diseases. Application of No Virus in preventive as well as curative is very effect against different types of viruses. No Virus is a broad spectrum herbal antiviral product which protects from virus and also improves resistance against them.

➢ Recommendation and Doses: No Virus @3-5ml/L.

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