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Prevent Fruit Rottning

➢ There are many factors responsible for rotting of fruits during development stage as well as in the post harvest stage.

➢ Poor nutrition at the flowering and fruit development stage is also major cause of fruit rotting. Hence, right nutrition is the key to harvest good quality of fruits.

➢ Plant needs nutrition at various stages in different proportion. Some specialty nutrients like, Calcium and Boron plays vital role in fruit development and nourishment.

➢ Calcium is a structural component of cell walls, influences water movement in cells and helps to activate enzyme system for the development of fruit.

➢ Boron is necessary for cell wall formation, membrane integrity and may aid in the translocation of sugars in fruits. It also helps for uptake of Calcium to plant.

➢ Deficiency of these nutrients causes rottening or cracking of fruits during development stage hence leads to the significant losses in yield.

➢ Therefore, application of Calcium and Boron at fruit development stage improves the quality of fruits and helps to reduce losses because fruit rotting.

➢ It can be also benefited for improving firmness, uniform fruit size, color, flavour and increasing keeping quality of fruit for the longer period.

➢ Natural Cab is the good source of Calcium and Boron which will helps to reduce problem of rotting and gives better quality of fruits.

➢ Recommendation and Doses: Natural Cab@50gm/Acre

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