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Hedge Plants

The plant populations planted along the border or on the boundary for fencing purposes are called hedges. 

The low-growing perennial plant grown on the border, plots, beds, lawns, and pathways are called hedge plants. Each plant plays a vital role in ornamental horticulture.A hedge is usually the shrubs. They play an important role in the structure and character of the garden and provide many practical uses. It may be ornamental or protective or both. These are also necessary to restrict the garden from a public road and adjacent gardens, particularly in flat gardens. Hedges are generally grown around a garden to mark property lines. It separates your garden to give it more privacy and protect your plants against winds and dust. Hedge plants are easy to plant and grow. They can be an attractive wall that can attract birds and garden wildlife.
A well-grown hedge can serve as a powerful barrier rather than an expensive barbed wire. 

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