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Go for some wall planters to add more greenery to your balcony. The wall planters come in different shapes and sizes. These can be easily attached to your balcony walls with the help of metal hooks. You can grow some colored flowering plants in them so that they add the splash of colors to your walls. Balconies are a personal patch of outside space without stepping out of our homes. We has a wide range of plants that are suitable for all kinds of light conditions in a balcony, be it partial to full sun or complete shade with indirect light. Balconies give a lot of scope to landscape the area with our stunning plants.
You could build your own green wall with spider plants, syngonium, philodendrons, calatheas, ferns, and aglaonemas and create your own oxygen factory or use climbers and creepers to lend a wild but delicate look to the whole space. If you want your balcony to have a coastal vibe you can explore our range of coastal plants or turn it into a green oasis with tropical plants. You can explore our wide range of flower seeds and bulbs to create your own flower garden that attracts bees, butterflies, and birds.

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