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NASA Air Purifier Plants

The NASA Clean Air Study researched for simple and effective ways to detox the inside air. It was revealed that some common house plants have air purifying superpowers and can be kept at home to purify air naturally. The whole of India is reeling under smog and pollutants that are floating in air. Heavy smog has engulfed the city into a gloomy state of grey and you sure must be worrying about the health of your close ones as well as yourself. We are often asked to plant trees to curb pollution but did you know that not just trees, but house plants are also a great way to counter pollution? The American space agency, NASA released a list of house plants that are effective in purifying the air at homes. Here are a few easily available, hardy, really difficult to kill house plants that will help you fight back air pollution in your homes this year. Get them now- ZZ plant, Rubber plants, Snake plants, Palm plant, Money plant, Ficus plant, Dracaena plants, Aglaonema plant, Anthurium plant, Syngonium plant, Spider plant, Peace lily plant, Fern plant, etc.

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