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Discoloration of Terminal Buds and Fruit Cracking


Symptoms Details: Kill Terminal Buds Leaving a Rosette Effect on the Plant. Leaves are Thick, Curled and Brittle. Fruits, Tubers and Roots are Discolored, Cracked and Flecked with Brown Spots


  1. Boron is necessary for cell wall formation, membrane integrity, calcium uptake and may aid in the translocation of sugars.
  2. Boron affects at least 16 functions in plants.
  3. These functions include flowering, pollen germination, fruiting, cell division, water relationships and the movement of hormones.
  4. Boron must be available throughout the life of the plant. 

Management: Spraying of Natural Cab /Balance Mix@5gm/ Pump (15 Liter of Water)

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