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Profuse Flower Setting and Reduced Flower Drop

➢ Flower growth on a plant is an essential part of the plant's reproduction. Increasing the flowering of plants is of considerable importance in the field of horticulture and agriculture, since increased flowering means increased flower crop in horticulture and increased flowering would result in increased fruiting, which again means a better crop in agriculture.
➢ The flowering stage, sometimes known as blooming stage or fruiting stage refers to the phase when plants produce their flower sets. The flowering stage is when plants invest all their energy towards the reproductive phase.
➢ Poor flowering and excessive flower drop is the problem of many vegetable crops which results in to losses in yield of produce.
➢ Some biotic and abiotic factors responsible for flower dropping are as follows
▪ Temperature: Temperature fluctuation affects ‘pollen’ growth. When temperature is too high pollen becomes dry, while at lower temperatures, pollen becomes sterile, both leading to no pollination in flower.
▪ Humidity: Humidity plays a major role in pollen shedding and its transfer. Lack of moisture or sudden and excess watering at once creates a stress condition in the plant leading to flower drop. High humidity leads to improper shedding of pollen. Lower humidity makes the pollen dry, and it will not adhere to the stigma of the flower.
▪ Sun Light: Lack or excess of sunlight exposure results in the poor setting of fruit sets.
▪ Wind Speed: Wind may carry away pollens or desiccate the flowers. It could also physically damage the plants by breaking the flowering branches.
▪ Pest-Disease: Improper pest and disease management at flowering stage also leads to flower drop.
▪ Excess or Poor Nutrition: Among the above critical factors responsible for flower drop, lack of or irregularity in nutrition is the major problem for poor flowering and flower drop. Higher/lower concentration of Nitrogen fertilizer will lead to blossom drop. A higher dose encourages vegetative growth in the plant while a lower dose cannot support further reproductive growth in the plant. Therefore, balance nutrition at flowering stage is very essential for profuse flowering with better conversion in to fruit sets.
Balance Nutrition includes right supply of major-minor plant elements as well as special nutrients and growth stimulants which can efficiently improve flowering and reduces the problem of flower drop. Keeping all above points in view, Geolife Agritech India Pvt. Ltd. has developed Nano Vigore (Flower Booster) and Balance Nano (Flower Drop Arrester) an unique nanotechnology based products to overcome the flower related problems.

➢ Recommendations: Nano Vigore@ 1gm/Acre+ Balance Nano@50gm/Acre

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