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Increase Fruit Size And Quality

➢ The fruit is one of the crucial parts of any plant. Fruit holds seeds which are future of any plant. Fruits are rich source of vitamins and antioxidants over consumption.
➢ Fruit quality is considered as an important parameter in determining shelf life and purchasing choice for customers. Fruit quality is significantly affected by practices prior to harvest that can affect both postharvest quality and storage life.
➢ One factor that is crucial in plants is an adequate supply of essential nutrients during growth. Optimum nutrition during the fruiting stage can improve fruit quality and reduce the nutrient deficiencies.
➢ Post-harvest quality of fruits also depends on the maintenance and health of the fruits in pre harvest period. Therefore, application of right source of nutrients plays very import role for improving size as well as quality of fruits.
➢ Calcium and Boron with optimum level of potassium is very essential for increasing size and quality of fruits. Calcium is one of essential nutrient for maintaining the structure and function of cell wall and membranes as it interacts with pectic acid in the cell wall to form calcium pectate, thereby having a direct influence on fruit firmness.
➢ Boron deficiency which causes yield reductions and weakened crop quality. Boron application also improves fruit firmness, total concentration of soluble solids and sugar while lowering total acidity, weight loss percentage and fruit rot in fruit crops.
➢ Geolife’s nanotechnology based products i.e. Vigore Fruit Size Enhancer (VFSE) and Natural CAB are the best source of nutrients for the improvement of fruit size, firmness and quality of fruits. It prevents cracking and rotting of fruits. Application of these products at fruiting stage is also helpful for improving storage life and keeping quality of fruits.

➢ Recommendations: VFSE@ 10gm/Acre+ Natural Cab@50gm/Acre

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