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Improve Efficiency Of Pesticides And other Agrochemicals

➢ Agrochemicals play an important role in protecting crops from various insects and diseases.
➢ Many pests have developed resistance against various agrochemicals due to repetitive application, so farmer increases its dosages for getting better results but it negatively affects on crop and sometimes causes economical loss.
➢ No formulation is ideal under all conditions. But it is sometimes possible for growers to enhance the performance of a pesticide application by adding special chemicals to the spray tank. These chemicals are collectively termed adjuvants.
➢ Adjuvants add value to pesticides (fungicides, herbicides and insecticides) by making the pesticide work well, handle more easily and improve application characteristics.
➢ Adjuvants improve emulsifying, dispersing, spreading, wetting or other properties of liquids. An adjuvant is a broad term for any substance in a spray solution used to improve pesticide activity or application characteristics.
➢ Adjuvants can perform one or several functions, including: improved pesticide coverage, adherence and penetration to a pest, water conditioning, increased water droplet size, additional stability, solubility and compatibility of a solution decreased tank mix foaming.
➢ Keeping this in view Geolife has developed product namely; Active which is a new invention efficiency enhancer of agrochemicals. Active activates the particles and mechanism of other product to make it work faster and better. It helps to enhance the performance of agrochemicals like, Fungicides, Insecticides, herbicides and Nutrients.

➢ Recommendation and Doses: Active @30gm/Acre with all type of Agrochemicals.

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