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Holes on Flower Buds and Fruits

Cause: Fruit borer

Nature of damage
  1. Larvae feed on the leaves and later make holes in the flower buds and fruits. During feeding half of the larva’s body remain outside the fruit.
  2. Heavy infestation results in dropping of leaves and shedding of flower buds.
  3. Infested buds never open and dry as such. Partially damaged buds open into deformed flowers.
  4. Infestation coincides with the bud initiation.

 Management : Cultural control: -

  1. Collection of caterpillars/larvas at early stage and its destruction.
  2. Use pheromone traps for early detection of pest.

Biological control:

  1. Metarhizium @5gm/L+ Geo Neem @2ml/L
  2. Beauveria@5gm/L +Geo Neem @2ml/L

Chemical control: -

  1. Emamectin benzoate 5%SG @5gm/P+ Geo Neem @2ml/L
  2. Spinetoram 11.7% SC @15ml/P+ Geo Neem @2ml/L
  3. Thiodicarb 75%WP @20gm/P+ Geo Neem @2ml/L

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