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Hibiscus Plants

If you're looking for a plant with an impressive, exotic, trumpet-like flower in a wide range of colors and sizes, you can't go wrong with a Hibiscus. 

Hibiscus, roots back to the ‘rose mallow’ family, with more than 200 species grown globally. Hibiscus plants grow well on wet soil. Especially during the summer season. These beautiful flowers are cultivated mainly for ornamental purposes. And also cater to the human diet, as food colours, herbal tea and curing several ailments.

Hibiscus is a simple way to give your garden a tropical feel. You will be rewarded with many years of beautiful flowers if you know how to care for hibiscus plants.

Many individuals choose to grow hibiscus plants in containers. This permits them to transfer the hibiscus plant to the best position for the season. Provide at least six hours of sunlight to the plants, especially if you want to see the magnificent blooms.

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