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Grow Veggies In Your Balcony Or On Terrace

➢ Growing an organic vegetable garden on a balcony is not all that difficult, and you can truly have a fruitful balcony vegetable garden with the right steps and guidance. Almost any vegetable plant you can think of to grow in a farmland will also thrive in your balcony vegetable garden under the right conditions.
➢ Here are a few steps to start with your vegetable garden:

▪ Location: Sunny spot: Most vegetables need 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight per day. There are a few veggies (mostly the leafy ones) that will tolerate some shade.

▪ Container: You can choose any type of container for growing a vegetable garden on a balcony like terracotta pots, plastic ones, or just containers that decorate your balcony garden. Make sure the container you choose offers good drainage and are of right size for the plant.

▪ Rich soil: Your soil feeds your plants and good soil is the key to a successful garden. If you have poor- nutrient soil, you’ll have poor, unhealthy plants. Use the right nutrient rich potting mixture for your vegetable plants.

▪ Right choice of plants: As a beginner, start by choosing easy vegetables that are productive and favorable to the city weather and are the right choice as per the harvest season.

▪ Sowing seeds: Growing your own seedlings from seed offers you more flexibly and control over your garden. You can choose your favorite varieties, grow the number of plants you need, and work within the planting dates that suit your growing area.

▪ Care: Gently mulch to retain moisture, speed germination, and block the sun with shade net from scorching the roots.

▪ Manure: Feed container plants at least twice a month with organic compost. It helps in increasing the production and prevents them from harmful pests without polluting the environment.

▪ Nutrition: Adding a well-balanced organic fertilizer at the right stage of growth is an easy way to increase nutrient levels in the soil. The three primary nutrients plants need in large quantity are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). In addition to that, supply of other micro nutrients and growth stimulants are also needed for vigorous growth and better quality yield of vegetables.

▪ Protection from pest-diseases: Management of pest and diseases in vegetables is a very crucial part. Because, bad management will definitely impact on yield as well as quality of produce. Therefore, use of suitable bio-pesticides at right time is very essential for healthy and productive growth of vegetables.

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