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Create Barrier For Pathogens And Pest Entering Plants

➢ Silicon (Si) is known to effectively mitigate various environmental stresses and enhance plant resistance against both pathogens and pests.
➢ Si induces resistance against a wide range of diseases by acting as a physical barrier, which is based on pre-formed defense barriers before pathogen infection, for example, wax, cuticle, and cell-wall protection, and post-formed defense barriers after pathogen infection, for example, cell-wall reinforcement and papillae deposition at infection sites.
➢ Secondly, Si-induced biochemical resistance during plant–pathogen interactions involves activating defense-related enzymes activates, stimulating antimicrobial compound production, and regulating the complex network of signal pathways.
➢ Si may act at a molecular level to regulate the expression of genes involved in the defense response.
➢ Understanding plant–microbe interactions regulated by Si will be helpful in the effective use of this mineral to increase crop yield and enhance resistance to plant diseases.
➢ Si deposition patterns within plant tissues led to physical barriers to insect feeding, as silica makes plant tissues difficult for insects to efficiently chew, penetrate and digest.
➢ Geolife’s Tabsil is the best source of silicon with readily available form to plant. Tabsil is an innovative product powered by nano with highest percentage of Ortho Silicic Acid which works effectively on building resistance and creating barriers against pathogens and insect pest.

➢ Recommendation and Doses: Tabsil @1gm/L.

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