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Above 53 cm (21 inch) Planters

Does pot shape and size affect the growth and health of plants? Yes, it does, is the short answer. Here is the long answer to choosing the best pot for your plant and nailing your landscape design.

Just like an Englishman’s home is his castle, a plant’s pot is its palace. The pot is a place of safe refuge, a room to call one’s own, and a space to not just live but to grow and flourish. Hence, matching your beloved plant to its pot is not something to gloss over but is worth careful deliberation. 

Knowing that containers are an important consideration can be overwhelming when you realise the spectrum of available pots. You will be surprised to find that different shapes, sizes, materials, colors, styles, weights, etc. of flower pots have so much impact on the plants inside. We know this, so we compiled a guide to help you choose the best shape and size of your next planter!

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