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Urban Gardening Techniques…The Way You can Spread the Greenery in Small Space

Urban Gardening Techniques…The Way You can Spread the Greenery in Small Space

When you live in a concrete jungle, it seems like it’s impossible to find space to create an actual green jungle and have no idea how to bring the dash of green into your life? Well we are here to assist!! It’s time for Urban Gardening!

If you're living in an apartment with a little balcony, a townhouse, or even a smaller single family home, there are plenty of ways to grow some of your own food. All you have to do is adjust your gardening strategy based on the unique growing environment you're in.

South-facing balconies, windowsills, or front yards are the best if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, as your plants will enjoy full sun all day long. All is not lost if you don't have south-facing access to light, though. There are plenty of shade-tolerant plants you can still grow.

If you’re looking for urban gardening ideas, explore some of the most common urban gardening methods. You can enjoy some urban gardening. It just takes a little imagination and creativity!

Container Gardening: An almost endless variety of containers exist for you to grow in, all depending on what plants you want to grow, your aesthetic tastes, and your space. As far as container materials, each material has its own pros and cons. This gardening allows gardeners to have more control over important growing conditions like sunlight, moisture, and temperature.

Vertical gardening: Urban gardeners may not have sweeping balconies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use every inch of your space to create a beautiful garden. A great option for making the most of your tiny balcony is vertical gardening. You can use stack planters, railing planters, vertical wall planters for an amazing apartment balcony garden.

Hanging Plants: Hanging plants are an innovative way to add greenery to any space, including patio, porch, and living room. There are dozens of ways to make a hanging planter so that both the container and the plant add color and charm to a space. Plus, planters are easy to care for and water, and require zero landscaping, so they're perfect for renters as well as homeowners.

Shelf Gardening: If your balcony is small and you want to make the most of it, try installing shelves along the walls to allow for additional, uncrowded green space. The height of the plants will lead the eye upward, creating the illusion of a more spacious balcony.

Window Sill Gardening: A windowsill garden offers you the ability to grow plants—even edible ones—inside your home, regardless of the season. Windowsill gardens also extend the growing season so that you can enjoy fresh-snipped herbs, or fragrant flowers, even during the winter.

Balcony Garden: If you have a shady balcony, don’t be discouraged. You can make the most of your balcony facing north or east by growing plants that tolerate shade or grow in less sunlight, like aralia, croton, begonia, copper plant, fancy-leafed caladium and garden hydrangea. Ferns also thrive in shady areas.

Rooftop garden: A rooftop garden is a collection of container plants that home gardeners or landscapers keep on the rooftop of a flat building—often an apartment building. Plants can vary from vegetable plants to ornamental shrubs.
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