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The New Year no longer brings with it color, makeup and fashion predictions. It's also about gardening predictions. Gardening, especially indoor gardening, is huge on the global scene at the moment and rightly so. With huge global trends come expert predictions and for trends like these that are here to stay and grow every year, predictions get even bigger.

Indoor plant trends for 2021 are full of different types of plants. These plants with their unique features can be the perfect extension of your existing collection. Based on Google data and search trends, indoor plant experts have arrived at the plant trends that are going to rule the gardening world in 2021.

Those who found a new connection with plants in the pandemic and who reconnected with gardening on a deeper level in the pandemic are now looking for ways to add to their plant collections. This new desire to expand the plant collection may be due to either expanding their collection or adding more members to their plant family.

Let's take a look at trending plants for 2022:


Plants or gardening trends can be divided into two sections: quirky plants and gardening trends.

Let's first take a look at the plants waiting to rule the indoor garden stage:

  1. Fishbone cactus: With its unique shape of long flat stems with curly edges resembling fishbones, this plant is at the top of the quirky-o-meter. It is also famous as zig-zag or rickrack orchid cactus. This baby plant is an excellent choice for gardeners this year, requiring very little maintenance. The fishbone cactus likes a little more water than your regular cactus, so don't let the soil dry out for too long.
  2. Sansevierias: Sansevierias are surprisingly easy indoor plants. They will live happily in the almost dark corners of your home in very bright light. It is an excellent indoor plant with low light and water requirements and low maintenance nature. Given its compact growth pattern and futuristic look with its long spade like leaves, they look stunning on both floor as well as tabletop displays. It is an excellent plant for beginners and experienced houseplant owners alike.
  3. ALOCASIA PLANT: Alocasias are beautiful houseplants, ranging from small leaves to humongous ones that resemble elephant ears. They are a must for every indoor plant enthusiast. This stunner has specific needs that must be met to keep it healthy.
  4. Calathea: Calathea has ruled the gardening world for a very long time but 2020 saw their return to center stage and they are all set to rule it in 2021. Calathea are one of the most stunning plants with their dark foliage and variegated foliage that could rival any painter. Like all tropical plants, they also love indirect light, heat, and moisture.
  5. Chinese Money Plant: With its round coin-shaped leaves, it is pretty clear why the plant is so named. Emerging as a global favorite in the indoor plant landscape, it fits very well into almost all decor themes. A happy soldier that requires very little care and does best in indirect light. The best part is that it sprouts babies like crazy, so one plant can be many in no time.
  6. Mistletoe Cactus: Statement maker of the year, mistletoe cactus is a lush succulent with stems that hang down like shaggy hairs. This easy to care plant lives happily all year round. If properly cared for, the succulent/cactus can even reward you with mistletoe-like berries.
  7. String of Hearts: Our personal favorite for this year, this trailing plant is easy to care for and grow with its patterned leaves. Put it in hanging baskets or on the shelves and watch it tuck down and let its magic work.
  8. LADY PALM (RHAPIS PALM): Estimated queen of large floor plants for this year. Lady Palm, true to its name, is all set to rule the big indoor plant phase in 2021. They create visual interest and are very easy to care for with bright indirect light.

plant decor trends

Gardening is not just about growing plants, it is much more than that. It is the need of the hour, every plant matters and they bring a change in the overall world ecosystem. They not only help the world but also help us on a personal level – physically and mentally.


  • plants as healing

As the pandemic continues to spread and people are staying indoors, they have turned to plants for reassurance. Plants make people happy and there are scientific studies that support this claim. Biophilia is our innate affinity for plants and they bring us the kind of peace and quiet that cannot be replicated. Our calm nature in storms can be their predictable nature and they are accessible to all people.

  • gothic tales

People are turning to darker plants this year, whether it's black ZZ or a dark-leafed stunner from the Calathea family. They have an attractive appearance with light-colored growths that mature into a rich purple-black color. If gothic isn't your thing, plants like Money Plant Satin are merging as a crowd favorite with their naves seen before the foliage.

  • pretty in Pink

Pink is about to rule the world, especially the plant world. They may behave like queens with their own specific needs, but it is worth the beauty they add to your space. Be it aglaonema pink or stromanthes, this is a must have in your homes this season.

  • miniatures

Miniature plants are slowly becoming a global favorite. They are looking for a place on worktables and in terrariums. With the shrinking of living space and practicality controlling the décor space, the need for small green is going to be major. Build terrariums or put them on shelves in quirky planters and let them grow.

  • online workshop

The pandemic has seen the rise of both horticulture and gardening workshops. People are reconnecting with nature in terms of both ornamental and edible gardening and there is a need to learn with the growing need to reconnect with nature. This year also the workshop is set to rule. Learn your gardening from the experts.

  • dissemination station

This year the spread of plants is going to be bigger as last year gardeners are going to graduate to the next level. It's going to be a top trend to get your plant kids to grow either in your indoor woods or to share cuttings with friends and family.

  • Zoom Staging

Zoom meetings have become necessary to stay in touch with both family and work. Earlier offices were filled with plants to give it a biophilic design. Now all that is needed is to stage the zoom calls with the magnificent plants in the background. Since our homes have become our offices, Grown has introduced a wide variety of plants specifically for your work desk and home office.

So what are you waiting for, go gardening and jump on the bandwagon.





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