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Top Flowering Plants For Nectar Garden

Top Flowering Plants For Nectar Garden

Most gardeners have realized these winged beauties not only play an important role in pollinating other plants, but they are fun to watch and attract! It is also incredibly peaceful and enjoyable to sit in the garden and watch vibrantly colored butterflies flutter around. However, it is not necessary to have big plot to attract butterflies to the garden. Even a small plot can be converted into a decent butterfly garden.

When it comes to food sources for butterflies, not all plants are created equal. A successful butterfly garden will provide food and shelter for the insect through its entire life cycle. All the plants & overall micro-environment of the garden is made butterfly friendly. The idea is not just to attract butterflies, but also the local butterfly species should feel homely & they should be encouraged to make this garden their own habitat. These vibrant flowers and plants provide nectar for butterflies and create a bold border for your yard.

The flowering plants should be selected carefully in such a way that throughout the year the garden has some plants flowering. Some of the common plants which attract lot of butterfly species for nectaring are Lantana, Stachytarphaeta, Cockscomb, Celosia, Ixora, Marigold, etc.

  1. Lantana: This produces profuse color, showing off clusters of tiny, eye-catching blooms in a variety of hues. One of the best flowering plants for attracting a wide range of butterflies’ lantana blooms continuously during the time of year when adults are most active.
  2. Stachytarphaeta: An extremely popular nectar source with a wide variety of butterflies. In particular, the purple variety, which is more common, are visited by almost all the families of butterflies
  3. Phlox: Phlox is a low-growing, spreading plant that forms a blanket of blooms all summer. Perennial varieties are great for a year-round groundcover. This large group of flowering plants, which comes in a range of flower colors, forms, and sizes, provides a reliable source of nectar.
  4. Aster: They make a great addition to any butterfly garden, attracting a wide range of butterfly species. Asters are daisy-like perennials that bring a variety of colors to your garden towards the end of the growing season when most other plants have stopped flowering.
  5. Marigold: Colorful marigolds are known for keeping certain pests away from your garden, but they're also known for attracting both butterflies and bees. Deadhead dry flowers to keep the blooms and butterflies coming!
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