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Top 8 Plants Grow In Your Monsoon Garden

Top 8 Plants Grow In Your Monsoon Garden

Monsoon is known to sprout abundant greenery and breathe new life into the garden’s plants. If you are wondering which are the best ones to grow during this time, then have a look at this exclusive list of Plants to Grow in Rainy Season in India!

Monsoon is the best season to sit back and relax amidst greenery in your blossoming garden. The rain gives a soothing effect to your mind and body and helps Mother Nature heal after hot summer season.

The arrival of the monsoon brings greenery all around and is the right time for starting a garden. Have a look at the best Plants to Grow in Rainy Season in India.

  1. Jasmine - It is also known as "Mogra". It is a perennial flowering having pleasant fragrance and is used in the production of essential oils. This plant thrives beautifully during monsoons. It has a nice aesthetic appeal when placed with other non-flowering plants, in addition to having a peculiar meaning and importance.
  2. Plumeria – This plant is visually appealing and highly decorative plants that come in a variety of colors. They are similar to ornamental shrubs that bloom in full sunlight. They do well in well-drained soil and only need pruning every now and then. These plants are resistant to sand and wind, but they may struggle in cold temperatures.
  3. Zephyranthes Lily - Monsoon and pink rain lily always go hand in hand, as a bunch of spectacular lilies burgeons only during the rainy days. Sow its seeds during the monsoon season.
  4. Hibiscus - Coming in an array of colors, hibiscus adds a splash of colors in the place. Irrespective of the season, you can grow it year-round if provided with ample sunlight and watering.
  5. Marigold - Marigolds are low-maintenance plants that brighten up any garden. It also attracts pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and other insects. Marigold seeds take around 8 weeks to germinate and bloom. Marigold is also available in a variety of colors, including orange and yellow with accents of red, copper, gold, or brass.
  6. Kaner - Trumpet to cup-like flowers in pink, yellow, and red hues introduce colorful dimensions in yards. Oleander can be grown year-round, except for the winter months. But the ideal planting time is the rainy and spring seasons.
  7. Periwinkle - It is an excellent evergreen groundcover with dark green foliage. The periwinkle flower features five linear petals that may be of pastel pink, red-violet, white or even light blue color.
8.           Portulaca - Moss rose plants are popular flowering annuals. A bunch of vivid flowers swaying on burgundy stems acts as the wow factor. Moss rose is easy and quick to grow and best planting season is in monsoon. 
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