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Take care of plants while on vacation and have a relaxing holiday without worrying about your lovely plants

Vacation water methods may be easier than you think. No need to depend on your nearest neighbor to take care of indoor plants while traveling.

For plants that need watering, there are plenty of ways to help water plants while on vacation. It is recommended that they be given a good feeding a month in advance, and that just a week before leaving, trimming the foliage of your well-established plants. So they use less water.


Self watering methods

First things first, make sure you test out these methods a few weeks before you leave on your trip. It's important that the way   you set it up is actually working because sometimes the   way you water the plants needs a slight change to get it to work.

Water wicking method

Place gallon jugs or water jars next to your plant with a piece of twine or yarn in the water, and the other end around the soil of the plant. The water will flow from the jug to the plant and keep its soil moist as you leave.

Self Watering Pots

If you travel a lot you can buy self watering containers as an investment. This can be tweaked for indoor plants as well. so that it can  be watered from below.

Self watering planters and garden beds

Use sub-irrigation methods to water your plants from below. You can learn here how   to build sub-irrigation garden beds  , and a similar method is used for in-ground gardens.This is great for a low-maintenance gardener but want a high-maintenance yield which requires little effort,

Terrarium ways

Some of my tropical natured plants love moisture and need a terrarium-like environment to thrive when I'm gone. Simply place the plant in a large clean garbage bag that is double, water the plant thoroughly and tie the bag over the plant. Make lots of holes in the bag near the top so that it can breathe.

Watering bulbs

There is no doubt that you must have seen many types of  watering bulbs   and   terra cotta  and jar   watering systems. They work great if you're out of town for a week or two, and they can be cute and decorative as well as helpful!


Moisture Crystal

Water storage crystals are intended more as a complementary remedy and should be used in conjunction with other water methods for best results. You can add moisture storage crystals with a secondary water system when you plan to be out of town

Drip method

There are also individual "drip" systems that are like watering bulbs, but you can control the flow.

 Water tub

Place potted plants with holes in the bottom in a tall shallow container of water, or if you have a bathtub or sink that gets a ton of indirect light, that's even better.

Methods of soaking

A soaker hose is another great option for keeping your garden moist. buy a timer that turns the water on and off for each day, or set the hose on a slow drizzle.

To make sure your plants stay moist for a long time, here are some last-minute tips for you:

  • Remove dead and rotten leaves and then soak the plants with water. Cluster the plants on a single layer of plastic then cover them with wet newspapers. The entire plant can be covered to help retain moisture and recycle the water in the soil after evaporation.
  • Mulch thoroughly with organic mulch materials such as grass clippings, dried leaves and fine bark trimmings. This will help keep the soil moist for longer, as the amount of evaporated water will be less.
  • Pruning is essential for blooming flowers and fruits. Pruning will reduce the water requirement of the plants. You can also prune the buds.
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