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Potting Soil Mix…Integral Part of Your Home Gardening

Potting Soil Mix…Integral Part of Your Home Gardening

Soil is so much more than dirt. Soil is a living ecosystem—a large community of living organisms linked together through nutrient cycles and energy flows.

Though some gardeners may be blessed with perfect soil, most of us garden in soil that is less than perfect. If your soil has too much clay in it, is too sandy, too stony or too acidic, don't despair. Turning a poor soil into a plant-friendly soil is not difficult to do, once you understand the components of a healthy soil.

Organic garden soil is composed of natural ingredients such as plant manure, animal manure, worm castings, and compost. There are no chemicals or toxic pesticides involved that can harm your health.

This unique combination plant food is best for indoor and outdoor plants. Potting Mix is combination of essential soil nutrients, best quality of vermicompost, Coco peat, Red Soil, Sand, Neem + Karanja + Castorextract. Also contains consortium of beneficial bacteria, Tricoderma & Micorrhiza. Contains Anti Oxidants, Vitamins, Enzymes and Minerals.

Organic matter is the partially decomposed remains of soil organisms and plant life including lichens and mosses, grasses and leaves, trees, and all other kinds of vegetative matter. You can increase the amount of organic matter in your soil by adding compost, aged animal manures, green manures (cover crops), mulches or peat moss. It is absolutely essential. It binds together soil particles into porous crumbs or granules which allow air and water to move through the soil.        

Water is one of the essential elements required to sustain plant life. Without enough water, your garden will not survive, let alone thrive. Some soils cannot hold moisture for long, requiring frequent watering on your part. The compounds in the organic soil increase moisture retention and provide a consistent flow of water and organic material to your plant’s roots. 

Organic materials are thicker than regular soils, creating more air pockets throughout your herb, flower, or vegetable garden. These pockets allow more oxygen to flow through the dirt and reach the plant root.

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