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Lush Patio Plants for Your Outdoor Space

Lush Patio Plants for Your Outdoor Space

No matter where you live, you want to make the most of the good weather days. Spending time on the patio is even more relaxing when you add seasonal color and interest with container plants, window boxes, or beds of annuals, perennials, and shrubs.

Potted plants can transform a so-so patio into a verdant, magical space. When pleasant weather arrives, you're sure to be spending lots more time outdoors, and it's all the better to do so with the delightful color, fragrance, and beauty plants add to your patio. Flowers, herbs, edibles, and more all might look great in your space, depending on your preference, and for season-long color, plan to plant both annuals and perennials (which will come back for years). It's also easy to swap any of them up from year to year and season to season to add a fresh look.

Assessing your outdoor space first will help you choose the best patio plants for your situation. Knowing how many hours of direct and indirect sunlight the space gets, for example, will steer you to the appropriate “full sun” or “part shade” aisle at the garden center. Other factors that will affect plant choice include your local climate, the amount of water a plant needs, and the size of the containers in which you’ll be potting the plants.

Pentas - For truly whimsical decor, consider bringing pentas plants to your patio. These warm-region perennials offer sparkling star-shaped blossoms from spring through fall in vivid shades of red, purple, and pink, as well as white. Since the pentas is one of the best pollinator-attractive plants available, expect bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds flocking to your patio as well.

Begonia - Begonias come in a ton of deep, saturated shades including white, pink, orange, rose, or red. They bloom continuously without deadheading (pinching off spent flowers) until a hard frost. They’re almost impossible to kill! Some types are grown for their spectacular foliage.

Succulents - If you're looking for lower-maintenance plants to turn your patio into a lush oasis, then a collection of succulents might be right for you. Some of the most common varieties are agave, aloe, and echeveria. They offer a very wide array of colors and textures and can be grown either indoors or out. They thrive in just about any container. We've seen succulent walls done beautifully. And because of all the choices and their hardiness, you can really play with where and how they're planted on and around your patio.

Caladium - For sheer drama, nothing tops a caladium! The heart-shaped leaves in striking reds and pinks make this plant a favorite accent in pots or along borders. Enjoy them as annuals, or, in cold climates, dig up the tubers before winter, and store them in a cool, dark place to plant again next year. They’re shade lovers.

Mandevilla - The mandevilla is a popular plant for patios because of its colorful tropical-looking flowers. They can be potted or planted in the ground, and if cared for correctly, will grow into gorgeous vines or shrubs. If it's a vine you want, add a trellis or a means for support for the plant.

Marigold - For a plant that instantly makes you smile and is easy to grow, there's nothing better than the marigold. They're affordable. They're dependable. They'll bloom brightly all summer long.

Rose - When it comes to roses, choosing from the almost endless types can be overwhelming. It's a bit of a research project but well worth it. For a patio, you may decide to go with potted roses, which offer ease of maintenance and a bit more protection from those pesky pests. Be sure not to crowd your potted roses together, though.

Chrysanthemum -Replace faded annuals with these harbingers of fall in late summer. Mums come in a rainbow of shades, which pair well with autumn’s gourds and pumpkins for a fun seasonal display.

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