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Hacks and Tips for Maintaining a Viable Garden

Hacks and Tips for Maintaining a Viable Garden

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Setting up a garden is as fun as it is energetic, but it is equally important to ensure that it is monitored and maintained frequently as well. It might seem like a strenuous process, however, here are some simple tricks to ensure a hassle-free completion.


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  • Weeding and pruning are to be conducted religiously to ensure a healthy virus-free.
  • Trimming and shaping of hedges and shrubs are to be done regularly to maintain a good height order.
  • Ensure the drainage system is in proper condition and should be often cleaned to avoid blockage.

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Rake the leaves at weekly intervals especially during fall to clear the path and have a clean garden.

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  • Infestation is a major issue regarding gardening and hence disinfection or pest control should be implemented to eliminate any harmful bugs.
  • Repotting and replanting of plants are also important to boost their growth and ensure they have a spacious environment to thrive in.
  • Mowing and aeration should be done for the lawn to keep it at perfect standing and avoid the problem of weeding.
  • Watering of plants should be done as per the condition of the plant to avoid flooding and mound creation.

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  • Ensure the soil is firm and grounded to prevent soil erosion and mix natural fertilizers and manure to strengthen it.
  • You can install a computer control irrigation system, as the ideal time for watering plants stands between 4-8 am.

  • Banana peels that have 3.25% phosphorus help in better rooting and expedites the blooming and fruiting process.
  • To have healthy drainage it is advisable to include a 30% proportion of sand, perlite, and coco peat to facilitate better growth.
  • Another beautiful hack to cover the base of your trees would be to use Raked Leaves as mulch.
  • To keep the pests away, you may choose to apply organic neem oil, domestic alcohol swap, and disinfectant soap solution spray.
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