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Fairy garden! Spark the imagination and Creativity

Fairy garden! Spark the imagination and Creativity

Fairy gardens are miniature gardens constructed of diminutive plants and tiny accessories designed to lure fairies. Fairy gardens are imaginative miniature landscapes that give the illusion of tiny creatures living there.

Fairy gardens or miniature gardens have been growing in popularity among gardening enthusiasts who do not have the space or the means to have a full sized garden. This mini garden is also a great arts and crafts project for kids who want to get into gardening. You can create a mini garden using some easy to find supplies and add in miniature accessories to make the mini garden your own.                                                 

 About Miniature garden

They are miniature gardens within the landscape that give the illusion of small creatures living there. Fairy gardens are located in small, somewhat secluded parts of the garden.

Although there are some flowers and herbs, plants that have long been associated with fairies, choose plants that best suit your garden's theme and growing conditions, whether it's sunlight or shade, to make sure they're a good choice. Fairy gardens are small enough to keep up with. , Small stones and pebbles for walkways and small benches, chairs, fences, and arches can provide an incentive for fairies to stay. Weatherproof doll-house furniture, miniature glazed ornaments, and a small dish containing water embedded in the surface to resemble a pond can be tempting.

Small, elegant sculptures, combined with mystery and inner wonder, are a great way to inspire imagination and creative play.

Materials Needed

This mini garden can be made using easily available materials around us! To make this mini garden you'll need:

1) Planters,

2) Vining plant and a stick to support it, (Optional, but I thought it would look cute in the mini garden),

3) Twigs (to make the bench, table & fences),

4) Tiny plants (they grow around the larger ones, look around the garden)

5) Plants for the mini garden (money plants, succulent, preserved moss, dwarf trees etc.)

6) Colorful Pebbles, Stones

7) Miniature toys

8) Potting Mix (according to selected plants)


This type of garden is best laid in containers of ceramic, terracotta, glass, concrete, stone, wood, plastic, fibreglass, or even a broken clay pot – the only essential feature is the presence of holes at the bottom for drainage.

Plants suitable for miniature gardens

Dwarf Butterfly Agave, crassula , aloe , sedum , snake plant , River Euphorbia Cactus, Euphorbia Rubra Cactus. Everything you need to know about succulents can be found at Root Bridges. Most of the plants suitable for the rock garden can also be used for a miniature garden. Many people like to put their miniature plants (bonsai) in this garden.

The Maintenance

Miniature Gardening: When a miniature garden is put together with the right plants for the right place, it’s really a matter of watering whenever the weather is dry. There is some seasonal maintenance, as with all gardens of all types, but in miniature, it really is a fun and easy chore with all the rewards that a full-sized garden can bring.

Fairy Gardening: Keeping the houses and accessories clean and coated with UV protectant spray so the colors won’t fade. Replacing the odd plant with a new one.

  • Light and temperature requirements: For indoor miniature gardens, temperature should 60F or 15C all year round.
  • Water requirements: Water only when completely dry with a proper drainage system and a matching saucer.



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