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Improving Health To Eating Fresh Homegrown Vegetables

Improving Health To Eating Fresh Homegrown Vegetables

We are all health conscious individuals in today’s times of lifestyle diseases. Doctors all over the world recommend a healthy diet to complement a healthy body. This must include a healthy portion of greens in the form of fruits and vegetables. Full of nutrition these are among your obvious food choices. A huge portion of the vegetables and fruits that we consumed are laced with harmful fertilizers and pesticides which have devastating health impacts. So in such conditions it is always a good idea to grow your own food. Gardening is a physical activity and pulling weeds, planting, and digging can burn up to 400 calories per hour. Gardening is also a good mental exercise and helps keep your mind sharp.

The benefits of homegrown vegetables span far beyond a fresh arugula salad or juicy tomato sandwich. Growing your own produce is a simple solution to numerous health, environmental, and economic problems. By growing your own fruits and vegetables, you can bring diversity, better nutrition and outstanding homegrown flavor to your table.

  1. Nutritious: the mineral-rich soil, homegrown vegetables have more nutrients in them. Though NPK fertilizers help to produce bigger, prettier vegetables, those vegetables are actually just over feeding on what makes them large rather than what provides nutrients. In this regard it should also be remembered that in cases of large scale production the nutritional value of foods are often lost due to unregulated usage of pesticides and fertilizers.
  2. Save Money: Apart from the obvious health benefits the growing of vegetables or fruits all by yourself will also help you save a lot of money. The price of a packet of seeds is almost the same as buying a vegetable for a one-time use. So with a little hard work and care, you would be able to feed yourself for months on the budget of a single onetime vegetable cost.
  3. Happiness: If you grow your own food, one of the main advantages is that you will have a happy and peaceful mind. Gardening is a fun way to get outside for some fresh air and physical activity. The physical activity required in gardening has proven to promote physical health. Getting regular exercise can relieve stress, anxiety and depression, while boosting energy.
  4. Testy Food: You will realize this when you have a taste of your freshly grown fruits and vegetables. When used in cooking they will provide more authentic flavors and make your dish taste a class apart from the others. Indeed the advantages are too many for eating homegrown fruits and vegetables.
5.           100% Organic: It is your garden and there are only your rules. So while you can choose certain chemicals or fertilizers you can also eat products that are 100% organic by simply avoiding the artificial bits.
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