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Beautiful and Easiest Flowering Seeds for Rainy Season In India

Beautiful and Easiest Flowering Seeds for Rainy Season In India

Of course, India is a hub of a wide variety of flowers blossoming throughout the season. Across different regions of the country and in continuous seasons, our country would always surprise us with those lovely petals that come in all colors and shapes.

A lot of newbie gardeners have these questions on their minds. Rainy season flowers are quick-growing plants that complete their life cycle in one season i.e., 3-6 months. They tend to produce some of the most beautiful, attractive, colorful flowers while they last. These are perfect for the outdoors. All these plants are grown by seed sowing only. Monsoon is a perfect growing season to grow many of these flowers.

  1. Marigold:

Marigold is one of the most often spotted flowers across the county. It’s also popularly known for its application in religious and medicinal practices. The demand for this bright blooming flower is only increasing day by day and is at the peak level especially during the time of religious festivals and weddings.

  1. Zinnia

Zinnia flowers are like a beauty spot for your garden. These flowers come in a wide variety of colors and also their soothing aroma does attract butterflies which only adds up to the landscape. These flowers usually blossom in the late rainy of India and are quite low maintenance. They bloom quite heavily given perfect growing conditions.

  1. Coscom

Cosmos enhances the beauty of your garden with many colors of petals Rose, Pink, Crimson, Purple & white. It consists of both single and double petals both. Cosmos like a cup-shaped flower head with 5-8 petals. The plants are 15-120 cm tall. This is one of the best rainy season flowers seeds.

  1. Sunflower

Sunflowers don't start blooming until late in the season, usually from around July to August. But when those giant blooms finally emerge, it's well worth the wait.              

  1. Calendula

These blooms are typically a bright yellow to deep orange color, and they make a nice container plant or an edging plant in the garden. Remove spent flowers to encourage further blooming.     

      6. Balsam

Balsam comes in an array of pink, red, lilac, and white colors and consists of double petals. The accentuating flower grows on succulent stems, covered with spirally arranged leaves. Also, the flowering starts around 60 days from the sowing and continues to bloom for 15-20 days.   

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