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Be sure to know these benefits of Sesame

Be sure to know these benefits of Sesame

All of you must have eaten Til Ke Laddu in the winter season. Til are small in size. They do not have any special taste of their own, so they are always eaten by mixing it with something. Common people know that eating sesame in winter is most beneficial. Because they are very hot. You do not feel cold after eating this. But sesame has many other benefits. Let us tell you about the benefits of eating sesame seeds.

How does the Sesame Grow 

Sesame seeds are cultivated. It is grown in unfertile soil. Sesame seeds are in the form of a seed. After this it is broken and cleaned and brought to the market. You cannot eat it by buying it directly from the market. Because it is raw sesame. Therefore it is lightly roasted in a pan first.

Two types of sesame are found, one is black and the other is white. Sesame oil is also used a lot in worship and medicine.

When its color starts changing, then understand that it is now edible. Now with this you can make and eat sesame laddus, revdi or anything else. If you do not want to make anything from it, then after roasting it can also be eaten directly.

Botanical name of sesame

Sesame is called Sesame in English and its botanical name is Sesamum indicum. It is found in Africa from the original plant and is also grown in large quantities in India. The main part of the world's total production is produced in Sudan, Myanmar and India.

Benefits of Eating Sesame

To keep Hypertension away

Sesame oil has a lot of power to reduce hypertension. Because it contains magnesium. Which also protects you from heart diseases. Such amount of magnesium is found in sesame seeds that if you consume it regularly, then 25 percent of your daily requirement is met from this.

In the defense of Cancer

By eating sesame, you can also avoid serious problems like cancer. Eating sesame helps in preventing leukemia, breast cancer, heart cancer. Essential vitamins and minerals are found in sesame seeds. The antioxidants present in it reduce the risk of cancer.

To reduce Diabetes 

Sesame oil is helpful in reducing diabetes. People who are taking medicine or treatment for diabetes, if they consume sesame regularly. So their medicine has a positive effect. Consumption of sesame also controls the amount of glucose and insulin in the body.

To strong the Bone

Calcium, zinc, phosphorus are found in abundance in sesame. Which helps in keeping your bones strong. It helps in making your new bone and strengthening the old one.

For Digestive system

If the digestive system is not correct, then no matter how much we eat, there will be no benefit. Therefore, sesame must be consumed to keep the digestive system correct. Because sesame contains fiber. Which helps in constipation and diarrhea.

For Eyes

Sesame seeds are beneficial for the liver. Whereas the power to the eyes is given from the liver itself. Therefore, if your liver is healthy, then your eyes will continue to get enough blood and vitamin A. Due to which your eyes will be healthy. Weak eyes, tiredness and dryness in the eyes end by eating sesame.

For skin

Sesame helps in making your skin soft and supple. By eating this, the pores of your skin become completely active. Due to which the toxic particles get out of the body. Which prevents the growth of pimples and pores on your skin.

For development Hair

Sesame oil contains omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. Which is beneficial for hair. Therefore, if you are troubled by the problem of hair, then you must definitely consume sesame seeds.

Disadvantages of eating Sesame

Stomach problem

Consuming excessive amount of oil can lead to stomach problems. Which is harmful to your health.

Harmful in Weight reduction 

If you are thinking of losing weight, then you should not consume sesame seeds. This will increase your chances of losing weight.

Harmful for Pregnant women

Sesame seeds should not be consumed by pregnant women. Especially during the first three months it should not be consumed at all. This can cause your pregnancy to fall.

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