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A Guide to Pebble Decoration

A Guide to Pebble Decoration

Gardens are one of the most rejuvenating and relaxing places in our homes. So, whatever decorative materials we have, we go the extra mile to decorate this cozy outdoor space. In our urban life, gardens are closest to mother nature. Thus, every gardener wants to make his garden more beautiful. In this blog we list down ideas to beautify your garden and indoor space with the use of pebbles and stones. They sparkle in themselves and have the energy to bring life to any place, whether indoors or outdoors.

Here we bring you a detailed description of how to put pebbles in your garden and also some beautiful examples of how to use pebbles in an innovative way!

1) Measure the amount of space dedicated to the Pebble.
Plan your pebble space carefully. This area should be closed off from the rest of the garden to enhance the effect of pebbles

2) Prepare a place for putting pebbles in the garden  . 
Remove any brush or weeds in areas where the pebbles will be used. Wear gloves and protective gear so you don't cut your hands or injure your eyes.

3) Lay a mat of grass. (Optional)
It should be placed on top of dirt or other base material that will be covered with pebbles. The weed mat covers the area cleared for the pebble garden and ensures that there will be little growth under the weed mat.

4) Choose your Pebbles!

Choose from a wide range of available pebbles. They have become increasingly accessible to ordinary people like us! Different types of pebbles will give a different outlook to your space. Learn about onyx pebbles, river pebbles, natural pebbles, chip pebbles and many other varieties. Each one has a different texture that you should be aware of!

5) Pebble your garden.

You should first take your bag of pebbles to a garden location, so you know how many bags you'll need for the task. Having spread out in space, proceed to carefully cover the space. You won't be able to see the grass mat underneath, so layer pebbles if necessary. Use a rake or similar garden tool to spread the pebbles. Try not to damage the pebbles while spreading them. Your pebbles should completely cover the area. It's better to have too many pebbles than too few, as this will make your pebble garden look messy.

6) Arrange them by hand around the plants and flowers.

Spread them evenly over large areas. Try to balance the level of the pebble garden as much as possible. You can probably keep an eye on the level, but try to get down to ground level to check it. Be careful not to get your hands dirty! 

Here are some examples where you can use pebbles to beautify your space:

Create Mosaics on Walkways!

Pebbles near and inside walkways!

Build Stepping Stones With River Pebbles!

Chip Pebbles to merge with your garden!

Pebbles to fill in the paved spaces!

Pebbles for your table decoration!

Pebbles for making a terrarium:




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