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  • Top Common Questions About Houseplants Answered
    October 26, 2022 The Farm People

    Top Common Questions About Houseplants Answered

    Some of the most commonly asked questions about houseplants, and fortunately, there are answers! In this article, we’ll answer common questions about houseplants that you may be wondering, from how to tell if your plant needs water to how much sunlight it needs to thrive.
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  • How To Get Rid Of Mealybugs
    June 25, 2022 The Farm People

    How To Get Rid Of Mealybugs

    Have you ever noticed small cottony patches or a white insect on your plant? These small white insects are quite prevalent in greenhouses and indoor plants and are known as mealybugs. Mealybugs are clever little devils, they like to hide and then come in for the sneak attack. It seems like overnight there’s white cottony growth on plants that appeared out of nowhere. To feed your curiosity, we’re going to learn How to get rid of mealybugs and what we can do when there’s an infestation.
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  • How To Change Colour Of Hydrangea
    June 24, 2022 The Farm People

    How To Change Colour Of Hydrangea

    If you're looking for a garden flower with show appeal, hydrangea flowers are truly stunning. Here is quick guide on How to change colour of Hydrangea flower. Gardeners who crave colors from the cool side of the color wheel, such as pink, purple, white, and blue, will delight in the mix of color hues that are available, sometimes multiple colors on a single shrub.
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Our Expertise

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Sneak Peek Into TFP Facility


What I love the most about shopping for plants at "The Farm People" is the happy vibe I get.  All the plants are fresh, green & well looked after so much so that there's is an easy transition once you bring them home and what more than having their team just a call away to solve all the doubts or questions that you may have about gardening or even repotting. Being associated with "The Farm People" has been a very enriching experience for all my plant needs

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Asha Dalvi Vasudevan

Founder - Artopia

Anyone willing to pursue a passion for gardening, this is the place. 

Where u get all different kinds of plants according to its class and the best staff to guide your passion. They have a wide variety of plants at a reasonable cost. All the plants come with a plastic pot, unlike the other local nurseries which sell the plants in sticky soil. Worth buying plants from THE FARM PEOPLE. They are organic.

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Megha Rathod


I love getting my green babies i.e. my plants from “The Farm People” they truly know the meaning of TLC - tender, love, and care as it’s oozing out from the energy in their space and all the plants that they tend. There is prana and I can feel it. Unlike many, this isn’t a business but nurturing the life source for them and you can sense that they are conscious about how it will impact the lives of others when their plants reach those homes and take places in people’s lives. Am grateful for how they are doing their bit to open people’s hearts, to help heal, and to make this world a little greener. Most of my plants are from TFP and I am very happy to have known them, they are a very helpful, kind and friendly bunch of nature enthusiast and it’s an honor and privilege each time I visit them.

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Neha Lohia

Author, Filmmaker

 A home away from home, a heaven for plant lovers. My association with THE FARM PEOPLE has been one of the most blissful experiences of being in Mira road. The staff has always been approachable and caring. The vast canvas that nurtures the plants under its cover is in itself nothing less of therapy for a plant lover like me. At the entrance each time we make an entry, our minds start to wonder what new are we going to learn this time, a new plant species, a little more about gardening, a little more about growing vegetables back home. The people over here are so warm and carry a sense of commitment that is evident from their passion for their work, a warm homely environment, where learning takes place with so much ease for us. Talking about the purpose of the visit, which is to buy plants trust me this place will amuse you each time with its collection of trees, plants, creepers. Bulbs, herbs, shrubs, and much more for my 5-year-old daughter, seeing tomatoes, brinjals, cabbage growing live is nothing less than a miracle, and for me, no words can express my contentment at a soul level, THE FARM PEOPLE in their very own way are trying to give a very important msg in this crisis.

Let’s Farm let's make the place a little more green, a little more alive than what we began with.


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If you are a plant parent and you are planning for a makeover of your indoor and outdoor space, The Farm People would be the best choice you would make.

They are one of the best when it comes to catering to your gardening and landscaping needs.  The staff tries to understand your needs, guides and explains the specifics of plants and their related products that they possess, they even suggest alternatives.

The staff is extremely professional and courteous. They have immense knowledge about plants and their related gardening essentials. Excellent service and products catered by them.

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Yashika Karkera


Thank you -"The Farm People" for always helping me to choose the best plants and makes my balcony garden greener as I wish.

The best part is trying to service the people and good suggestions which helped me nurture nature.

The team is helpful and the housekeeping of the garden service was excellent. The team only not helped to maintain the plants but helped to understand how to maintain them well.

Thank you once again.

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Shyla Harish Shanbhag.

MSD Pharmaceutical

 I highly recommend this nursery as it is humongous and gives me the pleasure to walk through and feel the green in the middle of the concrete jungle.  I love the huge collection of plants ranging from small indoor, flowering, succulents, spices, vegetables, bonsai, and many other outdoor plants.  The plant experts are knowledgeable and friendly. I always learn a few new things when I visit them.  All plants are potted with a good potting mix, which makes me and the plants happy!

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Parag Patil


Esteemed Clients